Where do I start?

The first thing to do is get an idea of what it takes to run a shaved ice business. Then get your business license and health department approval requirements from your city/county. This process can take some time so start looking for a location at this time as well.

How much money do I need to get started?

It depends on which building and start-up package you want to purchase. Contact us today to get a quote and discuss which options will work best for you!

How long will it take for my order to ship?

We ship orders within 48 hours of receiving your order; however, we usually ship orders the same day we get them. If ordering a Sno Shack building we have a four week lead-time.

What size ice block will fit in my block ice shaver?

At Sno Shack, Inc., we use a  16 pound block that is 7.75″ x 5″ x 12.” Anything smaller will fit in the shaver as well. Just remember the smaller the block, the more often you will have to pause to re-load ice into the machine if you are busy!

What do I say to property manager to secure a location?

When approaching a location’s leasing manager, especially in a grocery store parking lot, use the concept that you want to rent a parking space to the back of the parking lot away from the store entrance. This will benefit their business by creating extra income for them from a parking space that on its own does not bring in that much income in a summer (because grocery store clients want to park close to the entrance of the store). But this also allows you your own identity.  Research other concession businesses in your area to get a realistic idea on the going rate for rent.  Having an offer in mind will help in the negotiation of your agreement.

How many employees do I need?

Many Sno Shack owners run and operate the business themselves. You may find that as you get regular customers and longer lines, you may need to hire some employees. {Find more information under “Employees}.

What prices should I charge?

Shaved Ice Pricing Suggestions

How often do I need to sharpen/change my blades?

Block Shaver: Every 3,000 servings

Cube Shaver: Every 5,000 servings

The easiest way to keep track of this is through your revenue. If your average snow cone sells for $2, you will need to change your blades about every $1,500 on a block shaver.

What is the shelf life on flavor concentrates and sugar water?

Flavor concentrates will usually last about two years. The syrup (flavor concentrate mixed with sugar water) will usually only last a few days un-preserved and up to 6 weeks if it is preserved.

How do I make sugar water?

It’s simple! Directions for Simple Syrups and Cream

Are there different types of block ice?

Yes! Make sure you get the best ice that is available to you!

Types of Block Ice

What You Need to Know About Block Ice

Can I put ice straight from the freezer into the ice shaver?

We suggest letting the ice sit out for 15-20 minutes to let the ice temper. You will notice the edges of the ice bag come away from the ice about 1″ on all sides of the corners- that’s how you’ll know it’s ready.

Can my blades be sharpened?

We can sharpen block shaver blades but not cube shaver blades, we suggest replacing the cube shaver blades when they wear out.

Where do I send my block shaver blades to be sharpened?

Sno Shack, Inc.
2774 North 4000 West
Rexburg, ID  83440

Please include a note in the box indicating that you want the blades sharpened with your name/ address/ phone number so we can contact you for payment information & let you know they are on their way back to you. We can usually ship sharpened blades back to you the same day we receive the dull blades.

Why do I need to use both the citric acid AND the preservative powder to preserve the sugar water?

The citric acid acts as the activator for the preservative powder (sodium benzoate) so you really need to use both to properly preserve the sugar water so your flavor syrups stay fresh.