How to Hire the Right Managers

Hiring the right manager is a difficult task.  A good manager has different traits than regular employees.  The key is to understand those characteristics and then identify them in either current employees or those you are interviewing.

Attributes of a Great Manager

  • Leader
  • On time and on task
  • Keeps employees focused and on task
  • Keeps the operation running smoothly
  • Takes initiative to get things done before they are asked

Scheduling Employees

When first starting out, many Sno Shack owners run and operate the business themselves. Other owners hire just a few employees to trade shifts. As your popularity grows and your lines get longer you could consider adding more employees to work at the same time.

Here is a suggested system that we found works great:

Employee A : Opens the shack for the day and works the first shift. (Ex: 11 am to 4:30 pm)
Employee B: Comes in when it starts to get too busy for one person to handle (1 pm (lunch time) to 6 pm)
Employee C: Is “on call” to come in if it gets too busy for 2 people to handle (1 pm) but comes in for sure when Employee A’s shift is over at 4:30 pm to work until 10 pm. (If they were called in then they get off work 5 or 6 hours later and you can schedule more back up as needed.
Employee D: comes in from 5- 10.

We suggest always have at least 2 employees work the night shift for safety. A manager or owner should be there at closing to empty the till and make sure the employees get off safe.

Scheduling employees for events may vary based on the number of people at event, other vendors, serving lines, etc. Feel free to call us and ask more about scheduling employees at events.

*It is important to pay attention to fluxes in business through the day. Keep track of your busiest times so you can have enough employees there to get customers taken care of in a timely manner. At slower times, have less people working. This will save you loads of money on payroll.