Daily Operations

Frequently check inventory including ice, Styrofoam cups, spoon straws, flavor concentrates, sugar water, cream and ice cream.
*Sno Shack, Inc. ships within 48 hours of receiving your order. We try extremely hard to ship orders the same day but if the order comes in too late in the day we are forced to ship it the next business day. We are not open on Saturdays or Sundays. We recommend keeping extras of essential shaver parts on hand and ordering flavor inventory in advance.
Recommended Cleaning Supplies:
-Counter towels: Bar mop size works great. Some Sno Shack owners prefer to use microfiber towels. We suggest using colored towels; they appear less dirty when cleaning up flavors. These towels are also used to wipe off the cups if you spill so they aren’t sticky or messy when you hand it to the customer.
-Floor towels: Visibly different than the counter towels and stored in separate container.
-Water for cleaning: Keep your fresh water tank supplied with clean water and empty your waste water tank when it is full. It is wise to keep an extra hedpak jug of water on hand for cleaning your shack or to re-fill the tank when it’s low.
-All-purpose cleaner: Use to clean the counters and window ledges. This helps keep counters fresh and clean and gets rid of the stickiness
-An indoor scrub brush/mop: Use to clean the floors inside.
-A heavy duty bristle brush/broom: Use to scrub the pavement outside the building. Customers drop their gum or their shaved ice on the ground causing the pavement to become sticky and dirty. Using the broom with water helps to keeps things clean and keeps your customers from sticking to the ground while they wait in line.
-Bucket to haul water outside to scrub the pavement
-Small garbage and liner bags for inside your Sno Shack
-Large garbage and bags for outside your Sno Shack building. Be sure to keep the trash emptied; it affects your overall appearance.
-Container for dirty towels and aprons to be stored under the counter until taken to be washed

Cleaning Routine:

-Before Opening:
-Walk around the outside of the Sno Shack building to make sure it is clean
-Unlock door, serving windows and ice merchandiser
-Wipe off all counter surfaces
-Fill empty flavor bottles
-Top off concentrate bottles that are getting low
-Check inventory
-Check sugar water supply and make more if needed
-During Hours of Operation:
-Always wipe down the counters, the floor and the window ledges. When there is down time, wipe down the serving bottles, bottle racks, etc.
-Remember, a clean building/business is essential to repeat customers!
-After Closing:
-Scrub Pavement outside. Don’t let the grime and stickiness of the day build up.
-Clean windows using a wet cloth and a dry one both on the inside and outside.
-Clean the clear shaver door inside and out with a damp cloth.
-Remove money from the building. Only leave what it takes to start the next business day in the till. (We suggest about 15 ones, 5-8 fives, 2 tens, and 1 twenty, along with a roll of quarters, and some of all other coins).
-Unplug Ice Shaver
-Turn off all lights
-Lock windows, ice merchandiser and door