Own a Profitable Snow Cone Business with Sno Shack

Get A Free Information Packet Right Now

Get A Free Information Packet Right Now

Our Equipment and unique process make superior shaved ice and loyal customers that return again and again.

Seriously, talk with our operators, and learn why running a SnoShack is such an amazing business opportunity.

Snow Cone Business – The Cool Way To Make Money

Perfect Summer Job For Teens & Families

Use your Sno Shack as a fun summer job, a way to teach your children the importance of hard work and responsibility or as a way to earn extra income with a snow cone business.

Become an Entrepreneur

Whether this is your first time owning your own business or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, we know you will fall in love with this business opportunity just as much as we have! To help you better answer the question: “Is Sno Shack right for me?” we think you should get to know us better:

Benefits of Sno Shack:

  • No royalties or ongoing fees
  • Low investment
  • Anyone can do it
  • Family friendly
  • Fun work environment
  • Recession resilient business
  • No experience necessary – we will train you
  • Experienced and friendly support from Sno Shack, Inc. to help you every step of the way
  • Customizable business- it can be as small or as large of a business as you want it to be
    • Our packages range from $4,500 to $29,995.
    • Choose mobile units for events like soccer games or air shows; have a stationary location so you can develop regular customers, or have multiple units to make it your sole income.
  • Best flavors
    • We had a favorite customer, Berry (who has since passed away from cancer), who began his Sno Shack with the idea that he could cut costs and buy cheap flavors elsewhere. It didn’t take him long to call us and ask why he wasn’t making as much money as he thought he could. When we discovered he wasn’t using Sno Shack flavors we quickly sent him a sample pack and challenged him to test our flavors against the ones he was using. He immediately switched to Sno Shack flavors and told us that the cheap flavors he had been using just couldn’t compare to Sno Shacks!

We don’t joke when it comes to our product, we stand behind it 100%.

When we say we make the best ice shavers and the best flavors for the shaved ice industry, we mean it! Not only are we dedicated to helping your Sno Shack succeed but we are also dedicated to helping you offer the world the best shaved ice there is!

Ready to start? Here’s what’s next:

  1. Call Sno Shack (1-888-766-7425) Let us know you are interested and we’ll get the ball rolling!
  2. Find a location
  3. Get your business license & health department approval
    • Call your county and city offices to get your business license. Find out if they have specific requirements you need to meet.
  4. Financing
  5. Order Your Sno Shack and Start-up Package
  6. Get Liability Insurance
  7. Start Your Business

The Sno Shack Way

Since 1978 Sno Shack has been dedicated to creating the best shaved ice in the world. With Sno Shack’s Real Snow Block Ice Shaver you can make shaved ice that will melt in your mouth with every taste.

Sno Shack’s unique blade setting allows three stainless steel blades to spin into the block of ice creating curls of soft snow, not crunchy shards of ice. When the ice is shaved, those little flakes form together just like packing a snowball after fresh snow has fallen in winter. Imagine the perfect “snowman” snow that is wet, but not too heavy as to turn into a chunk of ice, and not too dry to fall apart. It is just the perfect consistency to build a snowman.

Such snow is required to make shaved ice that will hold the flavor throughout the product instead of running off an icy top or sinking to the bottom leaving the product melted and watery.

And speaking of flavors, Sno Shack offers a full line of traditional, tropical, and exotic flavors that provide endless combinations. With Sno Shack, your snow cone business will keep customers coming back time and time again!

Get A Free Information Packet Right Now

Get A Free Information Packet Right Now