Variable Frequency Drive


Variable Frequency Drive for block shaver.

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Replacing a KBVF variable frequency drive (VFD). It has already been set to 115 volts. (Normal home current). 1.Move the ice PUSH BAR to the far RIGHT (next to the blade wheel). 2.Unplug the Shaver. 3.Open the top to the power box (fold it back, being careful NOT to bend or damage the white foot pedal switch.) 4.Follow the black wire from the VFD to the power box… remove the two wires from the power box. (Use needle nose pliers—or your fingers.) NOTE it does not matter which wire goes on which terminal. 5.Remove the black cover from the V.F.D. 6.Note the color of the wires and their locations. (a)Grey motor wire to MOTOR ‘U’ (b)White motor wire to MOTOR ‘ V’ (c)Black motor wire to MOTOR ‘W’ (d)AC LINE L1 and L2 Black jump was just removed from power box. NOTE it does not matter which wire goes on L1 or L2. (e)Three prong pin (white / black / red /) wire goes over the three pins in the front right corner. If the old three-pin is undamaged, you may simply remove the pin using needle nose pliers and put the old pin on the new VFD. If you use the new three-pin, be sure to note the location of the three colored wire. They must be put in the same sequence in the power box. (f)The three wires from the speed dial are RED / BLACK / YELLOW. They go next to the three-pin clip in this order: Red (closest to the 3-pin); Black (in the middle) and Yellow (farthest away from the 3-pin.) 7.Remove all wires. 8.NOTE: a.If you can remove and replace the two screws holding the VFD while leaving the motor plate attached to the blue base, then you can skip steps 8 and 9. b.If you are attempting to leave the base on, be sure you followed step one and ran the push bar to the far right. 9.OPTIONAL: Use the proper size wrench or socket to remove the four (4) screws holding the motor plate to the blue base. 10.OPTIONAL: Lift the motor plate off of the base and set it on a sturdy / flat surface. 11.Use the proper size wrench or socket to remove the outside screw. 12.Loosen the nut on the inside screw. (You may remove this, but it is easier to leave it in.) 13.Slide the VFD out 14.Slide the new VFD into position and replace the screws and tighten them. If you are attempting this you will need to reach behind the pressure flap to re-insert the screw(s). 15.Attach the motor wires (Grey / White / Black as stated above. 16.Attach the two ends from the black (jump) wire. It doesn’t matter which end goes on L1 or L2. 17.Attach the existing three-pin wires (White, black, red.) (if using the new three-pin wires note the position of each color wire in the power box. 18.Attach the wires from the Speed Dial next to the three-pin wires. RED, then Black, then Yellow. 19.Replace the Black cover and be sure it snaps into place. 20.Plug in the black wires into the power box on the two empty terminals where they were removed from. 21.Close the power box lid. Be sure the magnet catches to hold it in place. 22.Put the hood back on the shaver. 23.Plug in. 24.Test the new VFD by turning the switch and pushing the foot pedal. Try various speeds to be sure it works. 25.Shave ice and enjoy. NOTE: The VFD is a delicate piece of electronic equipment. For longer lasting use of the VFD… do not let the shaver get knocked about or fall over. Never bang on the shaver hood by the corner where the VFD is attached. – See more at:;order_by=#sthash.FvDOKfPX.dpuf

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