Delron Slides


Set of 2 delron slides for block shaver.

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Changing the Delron Slides: Keep track and note everything you do as you do it so you can put it back together the right way! First unplug the machine and set it on the floor. Next remove the hood and unscrew the top plate from the base/housing (the part the ice sits in). Once the plate is unscrewed (there should be one screw in each corner to remove) set the plate on the floor leaning at an angle with the back of the plate on the floor and the front in the air (so it’s leaning on the motor-maybe put a book or something for it to rest on so it doesn’t sit on the Variable Frequency Drive). Now do you see where the largest sprocket that the chain runs on is? There are two smaller sprockets in front of it on each side… you need to remove one of them (by undoing the bolts that hold it down and letting it loose). The left one is a little easier to remove, so after you remove one of the small sprockets you have now created enough slack in the chain to remove the large sprocket and remove the chain. Then you can remove the cotter pin and connecting link that attach the chain to the push bar (the part that pushes the ice into the blades- it is also the part that holds the delron slides that you are going to be replacing). So once you remove the cotter pin and connecting link you slide the push bar off the back of the track and replace the delron slides and put it all back together in reverse order of what you did to get it off.

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