Block Shaver Deluxe Package with NSF Shaver


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Our Block Shaver Deluxe Package is an upgrade to the Intro Package! This package includes the NSF certified Block Ice Shaver!

The Deluxe Package includes 1 NSF Certified Real Snow Block Ice Shaver, drip pan & drain hose, 48 pints of flavor concentrates, 1 pint citric acid, 1 pint preservative, 48 natural squeeze serving bottles, 48 pour spouts for serving bottles, 49 flip top caps, 6 five-gallon hedpak jugs with lids, 1 spigot for hedpak, 1 wrench for opening hedpacks, 1 large red funnel, 1 set of funnels for shaping snow cone tops (3 assorted sizes), 2 twenty-four count bottle racks, 12 boxes of red spoon straws, 21 one ounce measuring bottles, 1 set of flavor labels, flavor instruction sheet, and shaver manual.


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Weight 200 lbs