Daily Operations

Daily Operations

1. Frequently Check Inventory

Sno Shack, Inc. ships within 48 hours of receiving your order. We try extremely hard to ship orders the same day but if the order comes in too late in the day we are forced to ship it the next business day & we are not open on Saturdays)…so we suggest staying ahead of the game by keeping extras of essential parts on hand at all times and ordering your flavor inventory in advance.

Things Sno Shack, Inc. suggests you have at all times:

  • Ice
  • Styro-foam cups
  • Spoon Straws
  • Flavor Concentrates
  • Ice Cream
  • Cream

Re-Stock Shack With:

  • Ice
  • Styro-foam Cups
  • Spoon Straws
  • Refill water tank- empty waste tank

2. Ice Block Preparation

Ice temperature is extremely important. While adjusting the speed of the Real Snow Block Ice Shaver to compensate for imperfect ice temperatures, the quality of your product will increase if you follow a few simple steps to prepare the temperature of your ice.

First, it is important to set your ice freezer or merchandiser at about 23 degrees.  Most freezers are pre-set around 0 degrees. By keeping your ice at a warmer temperature, creating the perfect “snow” will be easier and faster.
Next, maintain a room-temperature shack (72° F or 22 °C) by using air-conditioning.

Finally, set the block of ice on the counter about 10 minutes prior shaving it.

The best way to tell if the ice block is ready is by the amount of condensation on the bag. Notice when you get the block out of the freezer, the whole bag will be stuck to the block, but as it sits out and condensation starts to appear, the bag will become unattached to the block, first at the corners. When you can see that this has happened about 1 inch from the corner on all sides, the block is ready to use.

3. Cleaning Routine

  • Scrub floors (if not done by the closing shift the night before)
  • Clean windows-EVERYDAY-just a wet towel and a dry towel- no Windex is necessary-just keep them clean- inside and out!
  • Check Flavor Inventory

Before Opening:

  1. Double check that outside the Sno Shack is clean (pick up liter, scrub ground if it didn’t happen the previous night, etc…)
  2. Unlock door, serving windows, ice merchandiser
  3. Re-wipe off all counter surfaces
  4. Make sure all flavor serving bottles are filled & ready to go.
  5. Make sure that all the pint concentrate bottles are refilled & wiped clean.
  6. Check Cup, Spoonstraw, Ice, and flavor concentrate inventory, as well as other supplies like sugar to make sugar water (typically made at another location such as your home).
  7. Make sure there is enough sugar water for the day…make more if necessary!

    During Hours of Operation:

  1. Always be wiping down the counters, the floor, the window ledges. If business is slow & you have extra time, wipe down the serving bottles, bottle racks, etc… remember, a clean building/ business is essential to repeat customers!

After Closing:

  1. (It doesn’t hurt to clean your building premise and windows in the morning because then potential customers driving by see that you care about your business and take it seriously).
  2. Scrub Pavement outside!! Don’t let the grim and stickiness of the day build up!
  3. Clean Windows- (Can be done before or after hours of operation), just make sure they are clean during the day! It doesn’t take Windex or window cleaner to get the job done: a wet rag and a dry one both on the window’s inside and outside. Clean the clear shaver door the same way as the windows- everyday!!
  4. Remove money from the building: be non- conspicuous about it for your own safety. Only leave what it takes to start the next business day in the till. (Typically we suggest about 15 ones, 5-8 fives, 2 tens, and 1 twenty, along with a roll of quarters, and some of all other coins).
  5. Turn off all lights
  6. Unplug Ice Shaver so the fan doesn’t run all night.
  7. Make sure windows, ice merchandiser, and door are locked.

4. Keeping Your Money Safe

We suggest emptying your till everyday. Locking cash registers can be helpful not only in keeping your money safe, but keeping track of cup sizes sold, ect… throughout the day.